Innovation never occurs in a void

It is rather more likely a synthesis across domains or even combining opposites.

There are several types of innovation. You need them all.
Apart from innovating your products and the processes of your current business models, you also need to innovate whole business models.

Define the types of innovation for your organisation.
Exploring new models requires a different process than the processes used to manage core products.

Collaboration and open innovation help to expand innovative capabilities. Get new talent in, or work with external startups and tech teams.

Explore! The only certainty is uncertainty.
Explore different worldviews and new possibilities. Ask the right questions.

Innovation is a numbers game
There is no formula for success, the more you try the more chance you have of lucking out on something that really works.

Build an ecosystem where all these types of innovation, as well as executing on core models, have their place, process and governance.

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