Kickstart corporate innovation by building a Minimum Viable Ecosystem

In our book, we describe what an innovation ecosystem is and how you can build an innovation ecosystem within your company. An ecosystem is needed to foster innovation company-wide, with the right governance in the right places, and multiple ways to do innovation. Where everyone knows how to do innovation, how to manage innovation and […]

Innovate or die!

Apart from the well known adagium it is the most common answer I get when talking to companies about their most urgent reasons to innovate.

The corporate ‘Innovation Mascot’

-”Ok, we agree, let’s try innovation. We’ll start slow, with 2 or 4 startups and see what happens”. I have heard this often enough. It seems a logical thing to do, try something first. The problem lies in the fact that people often forget that investing in ideas is, and always will be, a betting game. So the chances of these two or four startups becoming a success are slim considering the odds of 2 out of 10 will make it big.

Governance is key to company-wide innovation

A lot of organizations we work with today recognize the innovation rhythm and the difference between searching and executing. The rhythm of innovation is different and less linear than that of other corporate processes. Innovation is a search for a business model that we do not know will work yet, whereas corporates are used to […]

Introducing the NEXT Canvas

The NEXT Canvas visualizes the four types of proof an idea needs to become a profitable business model