A deep dive at getting Mixpanel right

Last weekend Diego Menchaca, founder of Teamscope and apparently also a big fan of our blog posts, proposed that I should write a blogpost about Mixpanel. “Most blog posts tell what to track on Mixpanel, but it would be great to know what’s your approach when defining events and properties.” We love Mixpanel at NEXT […]

One metric to rule them all

If there is one thing important for startups, it is focus. The same applies to analytics. Startup life is chaotic enough and you can not have an overview of everything at the same time. To effectively apply analytics to your startup, it is important to focus on one metric at a time. We are basically […]

AARRR — An analytics framework for startups

In the previous two posts we gave you an introduction to analytics, discussed vanity metrics and the criteria for good metrics. In this post we’d like to introduce the Pirate Metrics, an analytics framework created by Dave McClure of 500 startups. It’s called Pirate Metrics not just because Dave McClure seems to be a big […]