The difference between the NEXT Canvas and the Business Model Canvas

The NEXT Canvas and the BMC are not mutually exclusive, but work well together as tools to create, test and renew ideas.

An executive summary of The Corporate Startup

The best way to innovate is for a large company to view itself as an innovation ecosystem. Because of their core business, an established company cannot be as flexible as a startup, who can throw itself at creating one single product. Instead, established companies need to increase their innovation capabilities from within, without endangering their […]

Portfolio management is a long-tail game

When looking at the success of startups, a common belief is that one third of the companies fail, one third return their money and one third of the companies become successful enough to really move the needle on your investment portfolio. But is that true?

Using the Startup Studio model to structure Corporate Innovation Labs

The topic of how to structure the perfect corporate innovation lab comes up regularly when talking to innovation managers.

The 24-month journey to product/market fit

How long does it usually take to go through all four phases and what type of investment fits every stage?

Why we stopped building MVP’s

At NEXT we decided to drop the word MVP and use solution experiment, prototype, or first version instead.