Our Services

We help companies create successful innovation ecosystems and design, professionalise and scale their innovation activities. Together we create and execute a strategy to launch successful corporates ventures. This is how we do it:

Strategy, Structure and Governance

In order to become successful, companies need to develop an innovation thesis, an innovation framework and both the stakeholders on board level and the teams on the ground need to be aligned. Based on the models in our book: the Corporate Startup and our experience working with a diverse group of clients, we only need a few sessions to achieve this.

Together we set up a framework to get ideas from the organisation and an investment committee to select and provide stage gated funding to teams after they get started.

Corporate startup coaching

Once the teams have started, they often need structured coaching, and advice on how to use and apply tools and frameworks such as lean startup.  We work hands on with teams on a weekly basis and do constant “innovation sprints” in order to test, prove and scale ideas. At NEXT Amsterdam you only work with senior people who have ‘been there and done that themselves’. Next to providing hands on coaching, we provide workshops on Lean Startup basics, pre-validation, experiment design and the NEXT Canvas, all customised to the level of knowledge already in the organisation.

Train the trainer

We believe that developing and growing an innovation portfolio is a key competence of a company in the 21st century. This is why we will always work on developing your talent by jointly assessing the members of your innovation team who have the potential to become a coach, and run a step-by-step train the trainer program which is not just theoretic, but also very hands on.

Innovation Accounting & Portfolio Management

Measuring an innovation lab or a portfolio of corporate startups is difficult, especially if you’re using traditional financing accounting which doesn’t provide you the answers you’re looking for. We help companies measure how well their innovation practices are performing by implementing “innovation accounting” on team, investment committee and executive level by using our own SaaS Platform and providing hands on advice.

We help implement these metrics in HR evaluations so that your team members are measured on the metrics that are relevant to their performance.

The Corporate Startup

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