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Our Innovation Manager is used by:

For startup teams, innovation managers and portfolio boards

Structured way of working

Structure the way your corporate startups approach innovation. With our online platform they can map their assumptions, determine what is most risky, design experiments and run innovation sprints. Independently or guided by coaches.

Portfolio Management

Get real-time insight in the progress of your corporate startups towards a repeatable and scalable business model. Make sure your portfolio is well balanced. Track the decisions of your portfolio board to fuel your innovation accounting metrics.

Innovation Accounting

Measure the performance of your corporate startups, innovation programs and the impact on the overall innovation strategy. From the learning velocity of your startups, to the average time and money it takes to validate a business model. 

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Innovate in real-time

Whether your teams are collaborating in the same room or across the world, our online platform makes it possible to collaborate in real-time. 

Share progress with stakeholders and create a transparent and measurable way of working across multiple teams and multiple startup portfolios.

Know what to do next

Knowing what to do next is the hardest part of finding a business model that works. Our NEXT Canvas approach helps teams to determine what is currently most risky and what to validate next.
To systematically de-risk the business model.

The integrated project management tool helps team to plan and execute experiments and divide the tasks between the team members. Innovating is a creative process, but it is also just like work.

Customised to your way of working

We go beyond adding your logo. Add your own stage gates and canvas designs, or use one of the proven designs by NEXT Amsterdam. Tested by hundreds of startups and corporate innovation labs.



39 monthly
  • Best for startups, single teams and solopreneurs
  • NEXT Canvas
  • Assumption Mapping
  • Experiments

Innovation Lab

89 per startup per month
  • Best for innovation labs of 1 to 15 teams
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited canvases
  • Portfolio Management
  • Innovation Accounting


  Custom Pricing
  • For corporates that seek a customised solution for innovation management software
  • Dedicated coaches
  • Training programs
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