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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hire top talent for your tech company

Swipe, Match & Chat directly with Developers, Marketeers, Business Developers, and Designers

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Linz, Austria

Find time for things and people you love

Get your personal butler who manages your precious time. Butleroy automatically checks everyones schedule and finds time for you and your friends.


Berlin, Germany

Patient empowerment: keep medications in safe temperature and reduce stress

MedAngel ONE is a solution that helps you to keep your medications at the right temperature. It consists of a wireless smart sensor and a mobile app. The sensor is placed with the medications, it continuously measures the temperature and communicates with your phone.


Frankfurt, Germany

Peermatch is an app for mortgage loans. You can use it to search, chat, share and match. It is all in your hand.

Using the platform, investors invest directly in loans und receive risk-adjusted yields; there is always an underlying property value. Borrowers enjoy low capital market rates.