Our solutions

To help you setup an effective innovation ecosystem, we developed 4 solutions to achieve this goal together:


You want to reflect on the current innovation practices and want to know how other corporates solve certain challenges. You are also looking for the next step towards a mature innovation ecosystem.


You are asked to build an innovation lab and want to show results within a few months. Your are looking for structured coaching for your teams, using proven tools and frameworks.

Innovation Studio

You have set up an innovation lab, but it is not performing as well as you would like. There are not enough ideas coming in and the teams are not experienced enough to operate at full capacity. You need a proven process and best practices to bring your lab to the next level.

Innovation Accounting

You have one or more working innovation labs and want to start measuring how well your innovation practices perform. You are not only looking for financial accounting, but innovation accounting on team, investment board and executive level.