Our vision & methodology

Governance is key

At NEXT Amsterdam we believe that innovation is the creation of new products and services that deliver value to customers, in a way that is supported by a sustainable and profitable business model. Making new products and services that people want or need.

Corporates are optimized for executing a business model that is already proven. Innovation however is the search for a new business model. We call this the Search vs Execute paradigm.

The process of executing a known and proven business model is rather lineair and straight forward. The search for a new business model is much more iterative and includes a lot of going back and forth. Like navigating a maze.

All the processes and governance of a corporate are thus optimised for execution, rather than for search. That is why there needs to be a separate set of processes and governance for innovation. Otherwise it will create a processless void that will lead to confusion and misunderstanding within the organization and people will fall back on the processes and governance that they know: The ones that are optimised for execution. Even when those processes and governance are not suited for innovation.

There needs to be a common understanding of not only why a company is innovating in certain areas, but also on how to deal with innovation and with what form of governance, thus creating clarity rather than confusion. Ensuring a sustainable environment for innovation throughout the company, with a clear process and common governance. Aligning this process and governance with the business strategy will make it possible to effectively scale innovation across the entire organization.

Working together towards an effective innovation ecosystem.

Not every company has the same approach to innovation, not every company has the same processes in place. We believe in creating value. We will help you, in co-creation, to develop a process and a framework that fits your company specifically. We go beyond running just another internal accelerator. We help you build successful internal innovation programs that leave lasting value.

We believe in a customer-centric approach to innovation and take elements of the lean startup methodology, design thinking and agile way of working to create an effective innovation infrastructure tailored to the specific needs of your company.

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