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The Corporate Startup

How established companies can develop successful innovation ecosystems

Winner of the 2019 Golden Axiom Business Book Award and the 2018 Management Book Of The Year Award.

There is now more pressure on established companies to innovate. The challenge most companies face is how to develop new products for new markets, while managing their core business at the same time. Our approach will help companies to innovate like startups, without having to act like startups. We go beyond running just another internal accelerator. We help you build successful internal innovation programs that leave lasting value.

The Corporate Startup won the Golden Axiom Business Book Award 2019, category Business Theory and the CMI Management Book of the Year Award 2018, category Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  

“Big companies need to innovate or die. The question is how. Companies need a playbook; a process by which they can start the process of transforming their organizations into innovation engines. The Corporate Startup is that playbook. It provides a proven methodology — applying Lean Startup principles and more — for building a culture of innovation.”
— Ben Yoskovitz,
Co-Author of Lean Analytics and Founding Partner at Highline BETA.

“In this wonderful book, we have found frameworks and methods that are extremely relevant and helpful in our efforts to structure our open innovation. We are beginning to use Corporate Startup tools and methods to better qualify investment decisions, as well as secure continued board-level understanding and buy-in to the strategy.”
— Ole Madsen,
Senior Vice President at Spar Nord Bank.

Innovation Accounting

A practical guide for measuring your company’s innovation ecosystem.

Why this book?
When a company is committed to growing through innovation – not just exploiting the existing business models – standard accounting documents offer insufficient and, often times. irrelevant data.

Who is this book for?
executives looking for a new way of measuring corporate performance in a world where accounting-recognized assets are becoming commodities
investors seeking better ways of looking at a company’s growth potential
managers who need to valuate innovation product teams using not only financial indicators

The Corporate Startup

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