Timan Rebel

Managing Partner NEXT Amsterdam

Timan Rebel has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and was the founder & CEO of the predecessor of Hyves, SB/SD, the largest social network in The Netherlands for youngsters at that time with over 1 million users. Timan sold SB/SD to Telegraaf Media Group in 2007. Timan later co-founded a company called Snowciety, the media blog Fast Moving Targets, and coached several ventures ofThe Next Web as its Entrepreneur in Residence. He was also closely involved with the start of the Lean Startup movement in Netherlands, being a founding mentor to Lean Startup Machine, Evolv and several other events such as LeanCamp in the period 2011-2015. When Rockstart got started in 2011, the founders Rune and Don asked him and Esther Gons to organise several workshops around Lean Startup, startup analytics and work on further improving and developing Rockstart Accelerator’s curriculum. He consequently became a lead mentor and coach in several of Rockstart’s accelerator programmes (Web&Mobile, Smart Energy). Together with Esther Gons, he is also an investor in several startups such as Cocoon, Studycredits and Butleroy where he invests with cash and access to his custom made 2-year accelerator program for startups.

Blogposts by Timan Rebel

Timan Rebel

Portfolio management is a long-tail game

When looking at the success of startups, a common belief is that one third of the companies fail, one third return their money and one third of the companies become successful enough to really move the needle on your investment portfolio. But is that true?

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Invest with courage

This is Part 2 of our Investing series. There is often a lot of debate about choices investors make. “Why on earth did Investor X

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