About NEXT Amsterdam

NEXT Amsterdam is a boutique consultancy firm that helps successful corporates to professionalise their innovation labs in order to create the business models and revenue streams that will drive future growth and profit.

We believe that corporates have a unique competitive advantage in that they possess the resources, talent, data, and industry insights to create the next unicorns in their industry.

We believe end-to-end thinking and stakeholder involvement is key and that corporates who work on their innovation ecosystem, develop an original innovation thesis, create and grow their innovation portfolio and assess their work through innovation accounting, will be successful.

In the past 15 years we have started several startups, one was very successful and grew to millions of users and was sold to Telegraaf Media Group, others failed and taught us valuable lessons. We have invested our own money in multiple startups and were involved as mentors and curriculum builders during the start of Rockstart back in 2011. Rockstart is now one of Europe’s leading accelerator programmes active in the domains of AI, Energy, Health and Web&mobile.

All of our experiences have led us to develop our own methodology and co-author a book “The Corporate Startup” and develop additional frameworks such as “The Next Canvas”.

We do not believe in a one size fit’s all model of innovation, we believe innovation can be managed, structure, processes and KPI’s are important but every business and business context is different so we adapt our methodology to our customers.

In the past years we’ve worked with clients such as Enexis, Schiphol, ABN Amro and several others.

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Managing Partner

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